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General information

I agree that my data may be stored, under observance of the principles of the EU Data Privacy Policy.
Further information on this policy can be found here EU Data Privacy Policy
I have carefully read the instructions for applying.
I am aware that my application will not be considered if the instructions are not followed.
Please select the program you wish to apply for.

International Applicants from Non-EU and Non-EEA Countries

Applicants from NON-EU and NON-EEA countries need a work permit for Germany. This is German law and mandatory for participation in the DESY Summer Student Progamme.
You are requested to upload the following documents (in one .pdf file):
  • 1. A copy of your International Passport (must contain identifying information in English).
  • 2. A certificate of enrollment provided by your university. It must cover the whole period of the programme, i.e. from the beginning of July to mid September 2024.
  • 3. IN ADDITION the Central Work Agency in Bonn requires a “Declaration of Certificate of Enrollment” which is also mandatory for participation, and must be signed and stamped by your university, covering the same time period (July to September 2024). Link to Declaration of Certificate Of Enrollment

Please upload all three documents (in a merged file) on the second page of the application form (which you reach after filling out this page).

1. Personal Information

2. Contact Information

3. Education

 (only the month and year e.g. 10.2025)
According to your current planning, when will you have finished your master studies, including the master thesis? e.g. 10.2025.
If you are a Bachelors student and not sure if/when you will start your Masters studies, please fill a date one year after the expected end date of your current studies
 (number of years)
  Please note that English skills below working knowledge are not sufficient for participating in the program

max. 1000 characters

4. Activities

Please refer to the Webpages for more information on the project categories.

Please make your choices (select at least one)
Enter at least one and up to three choices for the area in which you would like to work.

5. References (Deadline for referees to upload their letters is 10th Feb 2024)

Referee 1
Referee 2