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General information

Notice of EU-GDPR
The storage of your personal data obeys the principles of the EU Data Privacy Policy.
Further information on this policy can be found here EU Data Privacy Policy
I have carefully read the instructions for applying.
I am aware that my application will not be considered if I don’t follow them.

International Applicants from Non-EU and Non-EEA Countries

International Applicants from Non-EU and Non-EEA Countries need a working permission for Germany. To obtain the permission the following procedure is mandatory.
There are two documents needed.
  • 1. The following Certificate of Enrollment has to be filled in and stamped and signed by your university:
    Certificate Of Enrollment
    It is very important that the whole period of the summer student program is covered and that you use this form.
    So please state that your studies began before July 1st, 2023 and will continue at least until the 1st of October 2023.
    A filled example can be found here
  • 2. A copy of your valid passport in English language.

Please upload both documents on the second page of the application form (which you reach after filling out this page).

The original Certificate of Enrollment has to be sent out to DESY after we have made the selection and you have received the email telling you that you have been accepted to the program. Please send it via courier to:

DESY Summerstudent Programme
Notkestraße 85
D-22607 Hamburg

1. Personal Information

2. Contact Information

3. Education

 (only the month and year e.g. 10.2023)
According to your current planning, when will you have finished your master studies, including the master thesis? e.g. 10.2024.
 (number of years!!!)
  Please note that English skills below working knowledge are not sufficient for participating in the program!!!

max. 1000 characters

4. Activities

Information about Activities

-Please make your choices (select at least one)
enter up to three choices for the area in which you would like to work.

5. References (Deadline for referees to upload their reports is 10th Feb 2023)

Referee 1
Referee 2